I bought the first synthesizer to make music on my own.
It was a synthesizer workstation which was pretty nice,
but not that flexible as I wished it to be.

I've got the Korg ER-1 and that was the real beginning of Filigree.
With this little machine it was possible to create the rhythms and sounds I needed.
- even though it has just one stereo-output.

The first album 'Industrial Arts' is finished.
To be more flexible I bought some more synthesizers.
I discovered my passion for the analog sounds.

The work on the next album has begun.
On some tracks you can hear the SCI Prophet 2000 - the eponym of the album title.
And always looking for synthesizer - especially for analog.

The second album 'Prophecies' is finished.
Now I have no space left due to too many synthesizers.
I found out that I don't need that many, so I started to sell a few of them.

The work on the third album has started which is not finished yet due to private reasons.
So much: Unfortunately I didn't have the time to make music.
So I had to make a long break of making music.

The project Filigree is now full available to make more, much more Industrial/Rhythm Noise.
The homepage is finally made and the studio has evolved.