Welcome to the homepage of the Industrial/Rhythm Noise-Project Filigree.
If you like that kind of music or you are interested to get to know it go further
and click on the left side your point of interest.

My music is pretty harsh and raw but rhythmic so it should be danceable.
Maybe your taste of music is pretty similar to mine - so be lucky and get some stuff.
At the point 'Get Noise!' you can download a few tracks I made to get the experience of Filigree.
If you want to get more of that sound: feel free to contact me.

All the tracks are made without any software synthesizers.
I always prefered and will prefer hardware which needs much space,
but it's the total control and by the way: it sounds better.
I like especially the old analog or analog/digital hybrids.
These machines have that special aura I miss at the ones nowadays.
But the future has not forgotten me: For a few weeks I'm using a software sequencer now,
because it's much more flexible.
I made the point 'Equipment' to let you know which instruments I use.
If you are now inspired to make such music yourself,
you know which instruments you have to get.

And now have fun!

Synthphreak aka Filigree